Return Policy


  • Items purchased online can be returned for a refund or exchange in accordance with our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Warranty terms exclude damages caused by misuse, abuse, other faulty parts, improper installation or sports, commercial or marine use. Warranty expires when you sell your vehicle.

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polyurethanPU parts can perfectly withstand big loads under hard usage and will not lose their characteristics for many years. As a rule, aging of rubber parts takes place after about two or three years of operation regardless of car mileage. The longer the car operation period is, the more the arms’ bushings wear and risk of its disruption increases, resulting in poor driving control. In turn, it causes quick suspension wear, uneven braking and car responsiveness failure. The loss of rubber parts’ flexibility and elasticity leads to an intensive breakdown of other suspension parts: ball bearings, control and trailing arms, shock absorbers. Installation of Siberian Bushing PU suspension parts on a car will give a tangible benefit. It will also provide an excellent steering control in the most extreme situations while driving, as well as your safety.

Principal distinctions from other manufacturers:


Manufactured from the best durable polyurethane-based elastomers that increase the service life of the parts, serving your car two-tree times longer than rubber analogues. Unlike the cheaper and obsolete rubber replacement parts, our parts withstand widest range of operating temperatures, stay flexible and durable even under hard loads and in extreme driving conditions. Ozone, oil and solvents resistant. Wear-out, tear-off and cuts resistant.
All mount sizes (inner sleeve I.D. etc.) match the original ones.

If not specified, the default polyurethane hardness is 65 (Shore A) that is equivalent to original rubber material. This provides safe and comfort driving, meantime increasing the responsiveness of your car. The parts are made separately from arms and steering racks, while genuine parts are often combined with the unit, resulting in customers’ overpaying when replacing. The parts are made of PU that is a widely used material to manufacture parts that are capable to withstand heavy-duty conditions.

Tested by Siberia


Life in the North – is the existence on the edge of the Ecumene – the probable inhabited world. During about six months of the year it is enough to spend half an hour in the outdoors without clothes to freeze. Here are the harshest conditions for a life on Earth: nowhere in a desert healthy person dies within 30 minutes exposure to the air. The cold affects both people and technics. The average winter temperature in Siberia drops down to – 50 degrees Celsius. Here are the most severe road and weather conditions in the world.

Car suspension


Automotive suspension is designed for the elastic connection between the wheels and the vehicle body, and for the pothole vibration damping. Suspension should provide comfort driving (smooth ride), traffic safety and cornering stability. Suspension characteristics depend on the parameters and the interaction of individual components, the type and the stiffness of the elastic elements, stabilizers, arms, dampers, engine mounts, wheelbase, track, and especially tires.
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Technology of manufacturing


Technology of polyurethane manufacturing enables to produce parts with a variety of characteristics that can not be obtained by using other materials such as rubber. Products of polyurethane are made using a complex, costly and resource-intensive technology that differs from that for rubber counterparts, so the cost of such details is higher. Making certain conditions in production facilities, special surface preparation fittings, temperature control at all stages of production, strict adherence to the proportions in the preparation of raw materials and other components of the process chain allows to manufacture the parts of superior performance.

The structure of bushing


Bushing consists of two metal sleeves of different diameters arranged on the same axis one inside the other and separated by a layer of elastomer. This is a concept of Bushing structure. But in fact, despite the general working principle, Bushings are differ from each other. Design features are determined by structure of the unit, where Bushing is used and by the estimated loads. The presence or absence of compensation (reverse) holes, offset of metal sleeves, torsional work or stress work – all this make Bushings not like each other. To add more comfort, Bushings can be made fluid-filled, ie the elastomer component has a fluid-filled cavities inside.

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Bushings for suspension


Bushings in the suspension of the car have a purpose to isolate the body from the noise and vibrations generated while driving, and also to protect suspension components from wear at mounting points, provide their stable location and reliable connection to the car body. Forms of bushings are very diverse and depend on the design features of a particular brand of car. In contrast to the Bushings, bushings are not reinforced (with metal) elements – this significantly reduces the service life and makes them expendable.
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