Tested by Siberia


Life in the North – is the existence on the edge of the Ecumene – the probable inhabited world. During about six months of the year it is enough to spend half an hour in the outdoors without clothes to freeze. Here are the harshest conditions for a life on Earth: nowhere in a desert healthy person dies within 30 minutes exposure to the air. The cold affects both people and technics. The average winter temperature in Siberia drops down to – 50 degrees Celsius. Here are the most severe road and weather conditions in the world.

Technology of manufacturing


Technology of polyurethane manufacturing enables to produce parts with a variety of characteristics that can not be obtained by using other materials such as rubber. Products of polyurethane are made using a complex, costly and resource-intensive technology that differs from that for rubber counterparts, so the cost of such details is higher. Making certain conditions in production facilities, special surface preparation fittings, temperature control at all stages of production, strict adherence to the proportions in the preparation of raw materials and other components of the process chain allows to manufacture the parts of superior performance.