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Warranty period:

Siberian Bushing warrants its products against defects in workmanship or material for 3 years (36 months).

Warranty restrictions:

Products that have been incorrectly installed are not covered by warranty.

Products that have been installed into modified (lifted, tuned) suspension are not covered by warranty.

Misuse, marine, off-road race and mountain race resulting bushings failure are not covered by warranty.

Warranty replacement covers only the product.

Labor claims, time loss, or freight / shipment charges are not covered by warranty.

Warranty claim procedure:

  1. Download our “Warranty claim” form Warranty claim
  2. Fill out “Warranty claim”
  3. Send the completed and signed “Warranty claim” scan file (PDF or JPG) together with the photo of defected part to the below email address:
  4. Wait for the reply with information that your warranty case is in progress
  5. Wait for the reply with our Warranty Manager’s conclusion on your case (usually it takes couple of days since reception of completed “Warranty claim”)
  6. Receive new tracking number for the package with replacement parts and wait for the parts to be delivered by international parcel service