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About company

"Siberian Bushing" is the oldest and most reputable Russian manufacturer of Polyurethane suspension parts. Since 2000 "Siberian Bushing" was the first suspension parts manufacturer at the Russian market, who offered to car owners products with a quality equal to OEM parts. Since that time, the company is the legislator of a new approach to the components of the car suspension in Russia and CIS.
Nowadays, "Siberian Bushing" PU suspension parts are available for purchase worldwide, not only in Russia and CIS. "Siberian Bushing" products fits the wide range of US, European, Japanese, Korean, Russian vehicles of different brands and years of production.
From the very beginning of its history, "Siberian Bushing" has been planned to produce suspension parts with an increased operational resource and extended life time. That's the reason polyurethane was chosen as the raw material. This high-tech material is able to work in an aggressive environment, under conditions of high loads and temperature changes. The parts made from polyurethane are more reliable and durable compared to rubber OEM parts.

All "Siberian Bushing" PU suspension parts are tested in non-standard and extreme conditions, like conditions of Siberian frosts and impassable roads.

We recommend our products for everyday use in urban vicinity. Can be installed on modified non-standard, lifted or tuned suspension at your own risk, we do not guarantee proper work. Off-road or racing decrease lifetime of the bushings as well.

Our Company produces more than a million parts per year due to the high quality of products, wear resistance and durability of the materials used, "Siberian Bushing" parts are in demand by car owners worldwide.