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IPLyC signs a commitment agreement to reopen the Necochea Casino

The Instituto Provincial de Loteria y Casinos (IPLyC) ratified its position and signed a Memorandum of Understanding to guarantee the reopening of Necochea's Casino.

The President of the organization, Omar Galdurralde, signed the document together with the Mayor of Necochea, Arturo Rojas, and representatives of the Trade Union Association of Employees of Administration, Maintenance and Services of Provincial Casinos (AMS) and of the Association of Employees of National Casinos (AECN). Read the interview with Omar Galdurralde here

The gaming room has remained closed since 2019 and was about to stop operating definitively. However, the sector's claims kept it afloat, even though the complex went through different building problems, including a fire in 2020. 

"Our objective, by decision of Governor Axel Kicillof, and instructions of the Chief of Cabinet, Martín Insaurralde, was to seek, through dialogue with the political and institutional actors involved, the way to solve the reopening of the Casino gaming room", assured the head of IPLyC.

Galdurralde pointed out that the confirmation of their position "guarantees the continuity of the labor source for about 50 families" and the possibility of reinforcing "one of the main activities of Necochea, such as tourism".

At the meeting where the signing took place, the chief of staff of the Ministry of Government of the Province of Buenos Aires, Omar Furlán; the vice-president and the executive secretary of the Lottery, María Laura García and Carlos Gallo; the provincial director of Racetracks and Casinos, Cristian Segal; and the provincial deputy, Natalia Sánchez Jauregui; among other provincial authorities, were present. Also present were the president of the PJ of Necochea, Marcelo Rivero; the president of the Block of Councilors FdT/Unidad Ciudadana of Necochea, Andrea Cáceres; and representatives of the AMS union, Leandro Roberto Páez, Fernando Hansen, Valeria López and Pablo Ianni, and of the AECN union, Marcos Labrador.

Necochea's casino bidding process

The bidding process for Necochea's casino failed again after not even one bid was sold. The authorities had already advanced that what was finally confirmed in the last hours could happen, which means the second failure in the attempt to award the complex.

"It is difficult for there to be new offers", said Ernesto Povilaitis, Secretary of Legal and Technical Affairs of the Municipality.

The bidding documents for the "Integral project tender with the sale of real estate for urban development in the current sector of the Necochea Casino Complex, with the option of a concession for the use and exploitation of a fiscal tourist unit" had a value of 200 thousand pesos, but did not generate interest from the private sector and the bidding process was again truncated.

The first time the process was vacant was in 2020, when the only offer, from Casino de Victoria SA, was rejected due to the conditions that the company had set to exploit the room.

Casino de Victoria's interest

Despite the municipality's rejection, the company Casino de Victoria SA maintained its interest in investing in the city.

The operating company toured the Necochea Casino Complex in April and reaffirmed its intentions to execute a project there.

The building has been in poor condition for some time and even suffered a fire a few months ago, but the city is still trying to recover it. To do so, it needs investors to take charge of its restoration and subsequent operation, and it seems to have found them.

A company delegation visited the complex and confirmed the possibility of taking over the difficult undertaking. They toured the facilities together with an architect and representatives of the sector's unions, perhaps the most interested in saving the hall and the jobs it generates, as long as they reach an agreement with the municipality.